Full Service Catering

With our Full Service Catering, we promise to make
every bite, sip, and moment memorable.

Full Service Catering Favorites

Explore some of our popular catering options, from beautifully arranged grazing tables to stylish beverage stations and cozy coffee & tea bars. Each selection is designed to impress and delight.

Explore Our Menu Options

Choose from our expertly crafted pre-built menus or customize your own to fit your event. Whether you prefer a stress-free choice or a personal touch, we have the perfect menu for you.

Need Bartending for Your Event?

Our friendly and experienced bartenders will take your event to the next level, ensuring everyone has a great time. Let us handle the bar while you enjoy your celebration.

Creating Remarkable Events & Memories That Last a Lifetime

At Paulette Project, we specialize in crafting events that leave a lasting impression. Our commitment to excellent customer service means we go above and beyond to ensure your vision is exactly what you want—no detail is too small and no request is too minor. We take care of your entire event, from planning to management, food, and beverage, making sure your celebration creates lasting memories. Beyond your event, our work impacts the entire community, supporting local vendors and giving back to those in need. Together, we create unforgettable experiences.

Start Planning Your Event

Ready to make your event unforgettable? Let’s bring your vision to life with our expert planning and catering services.