About Paulette Project

Paulette Project is a dedicated catering and event management company that turns your vision into reality with exceptional service and delicious food. We believe in making every event memorable while giving back to the community we love.

Our Story: From
Passion to Profession

Phamilla and her husband Eric started Paulette Project with a passion for food and a love for bringing people together. They started by offering catering and swiftly branched out into bartending and event management, motivated by their passion for crafting unforgettable events. Phamilla's culinary skills and Eric's knack for event management make them the perfect team.

They chose the name "Paulette Project" to highlight their ongoing commitment to community service and continuous improvement. Through their work, they aim to create memorable experiences while giving back to the community they cherish.

About Us | Paulette Project - Tampa FL
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Our Mission

Feeding Body and Soul

At Paulette Project, we believe in feeding both the body and the soul. Through our exceptional catering services, we bring people together to create unforgettable experiences, while our commitment to giving back nourishes our community and supports those in need.

Meet the Paulette Project Team


Co-Founder, Client Relations
& Event Manager

Eric is the organizational mastermind of Paulette Project, excelling in client relations and event management. His expertise ensures that every event runs smoothly, allowing clients to enjoy their special moments without worry.

Phamilla “Chef”

Co-Founder & Head Chef

As the culinary genius behind Paulette Project, Phamilla brings her passion for food and cooking to every event. With a creative flair and attention to detail, she crafts delicious and memorable dishes that delight guests and elevate any occasion.

Food for a Greater Good

Through our "Open Pantry" initiative, a portion of every catering sale goes to supporting our community and helping those in need. When you choose Paulette Project, you’re not just getting great food and service—you’re also making a difference.

Awards & Recognition

Ever After Farms Preferred Vendor Seal

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